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Welcome to Caboolture Bridge Club.

The Caboolture Bridge Club is conveniently located just off Lower King Street, Caboolture. There is ample parking, and public transport is also available from the Caboolture Railway Station. Established in 1981, the club currently has approximately 100 members and offers 4 sessions each week.

Lessons are usually held twice a year and supervised play is offered weekly. We use the latest Compscore2 software and Bridgemate wireless equipment for scoring and posting results on to our web site.

The Club is affiliated with the Queensland Bridge Association (QBA) and the Australian Bridge Federation (ABF) and participates in the Master Point scheme which enables players to reach higher rankings as a result of their achievements at the bridge table.

Visitors are always welcome, please contact our Partner Liaison Officer if you require a partner.

If you would like to find out more about this fascinating game, please contact a member of our committee.

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Our growing garden established with plants kindly supplied by Bunnings.
(Our growing garden established with plants kindly supplied by Bunnings.)


In October 1981 Tony Grant-Smith advertised in the local paper for people who were interested in forming a Bridge Club in Caboolture. Attending the first meeting held in his home were Dot & Ron Cork, Ruby Cross and Jack Gillies. Tony was elected as 1st President, Ruby as Director and Dot as Treasurer.

The 1st game was held at the Senior Citizens Club on 26th October 1981. From these humble beginnings the club grew and moved to the Bowls Club. We then purchased a removable building with loans from the ABF, QBA and club members. This building was opened in December 1993. Over the years we outgrew this building, so with the money we had saved, a $50,000 grant from the Gaming board, a grant from the Council and an interest free loan from the Council, we managed to build our present clubhouse.

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