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Please contact Charlene on 5355 7050 for more details. Lessons run over a 10 week period at a cost of $60, which includes all materials and refreshments.

The next lessons will begin on Thursday July 4th. Please contact Charlene or the Club to register your interest.

We will be offering mini bridge sessions on the first Thursday of each month. This will be held at 2 PM. There will be no charge for these sessions. You can come to one or many. This will serve as an introduction to the game of bridge, and be a good lead up to lessons.

Thursday afternoons starting at 2pm. No partners required; however, it is desirable if you can practise with your regular partner to improve your bidding system. There will be NO supervised play on Thursday May 2.


Australian Bridge Federation (ABF) learning resources for beginners and those who wish to improve their game:
ABF beginner videos: